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Relationship Edit

America/Japan Edit

Alfred Liberty/Kiku Hondaa

Canada/Russia Edit

Ivan Braginsky/Matthew Williams. Have 3 kids and a very happy home life. One of the longest relationships in the RP.

China/Korea Edit

Yao Wang/Yong Soo. These two have been in a complicated relationship since March. Yong Soo absolutely adores Yao and has every desire to be with China, though China in return pushes him away since he feels that Yong Soo is too young and immature. This leads to Yong Soo running away with Horace on a quest for "maturity" in hopes that Yao will finally see that Yong Soo can grow up and is grown up.

It was also hinted that Yao doesn't want to get into a relationship with Yong Soo in fear of abandonment. He feels that Korea will grow bored of him and leave for some one else.


On the rocks as always.

Denmark/Norway Edit

Tobias Mikkelssen/Dennik Kierkegaard

See: Tobias Mikkelssen

See: Dennik Kierkegaard

Hong Kong/Korea Edit

Heng Li/Yong Soo

Hong Kong/Seychelles Edit

Horace/Chel. These two went through a few culture clashes upon meeting and ended with Horace's first kiss. The two ended up in a relationship a couple of months after that.

Horace often treats it like a business proposition between the long periods of acting uncomfortable and blushing. Chel also wants to take another step into their relationship though held back to Horace's rather prudish nature and discomfort.

Spain/S. Italy Edit





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