Anything that has affected many RPers as a whole or small snippets of your own dramas will go in here. If anything trails off or if it delves off into more complicated matters behind the scenes, then please link it out!

January Edit

Februrary Edit

March Edit

  • Many of the first wave of roleplayers started.
  • Many tiny interactions went around as they all got used to eachother
  • Prussia comes back and creates the Prussia-Russia Alliance which then proceeds to invade Canada.
  • Germany is split into West and East Germany.
  • Japan, Lithuania, Sealand, Greece, N. Italy, East Germany, and Korea join the PRA over time.

April Edit

  • The Allies gathered (England, France, West Germany, America, S. Italy, Spain, Hungary, China, Austria) and attempted to save Canada.
  • The Nordic Defense Union is formed.
  • Iceland and Liechtenstein get married (a scheme proposed by Norway to Iceland so he didn't have to marry Belarus~)
  • Canada is freed on April 1st.
  • The Treaty of Shibuya is signed on April 6th, ending WW3.
  • England (Arthur Kirkland-Bonnefoy) goes off to sea and annexes S. Italy and Switzerland into the commonwealth. He goes into a naval battle with Spain and annexes him also.
  • Arthur Kirkland-Bonnefoy is proclaimed dead on April 19, leaving behind a will and testament he left the day before.
  • Funeral for Arthur Kirkland-Bonnefoy is held on April 22 and  Arthur himself arrives at Francis Kirkland-Bonnefoy's house later that night (much to the latter nation's surprise)

May Edit

  • Second wave of RPers join
  • Avalon (Britannia, Arthur Kirkland-Bonnefoy's ancient, female side) makes the scene and goes about her wanton ways.
  • Jeanne d'Arc is ressurected
  • Tobias Norge Mikkelssen's Birthday (May 17) -- Dennik comes around and finally accepts Norway's love for him.
  • Ivan Braginsky and Matthew Williams find the first of their children, Nikolai/Nicolas, at the North Pole, (May 26)


  • Dennik Kierkegaard's Birthday (June 5th) -- Tobias proposes to Denmark
  • Denmark and Norway are engaged
  • Russia and Canada find their two other children, one on the Novaya Zemlya islands (Lukian), the other in Antarctica (Anna-Maria). (June 7)
  • Zoo incident involving Denmark, Finland and Norway --results in Norway breaking his engagement with Denmark
  • Nations Camp Event: Alot of drama for many individual roleplayers.
  • Secret about Sealand's "real parents" is exposed.
  • Tobias gets gender-bent, muted, and goes into isolation

August Edit

  •  Ivan Braginsky and Matthew Williams's wedding is held (August 3)

September Edit

October Edit

  •  Arthur and Francis Kirkland-Bonnefoy's wedding is held. The event is crashed by Northern Ireland (Vivienne O'Reilly).

November Edit

  • Imperium Romanum captures Antonio Carriedo Fernandez and frees him from Arthur Kirkland-Bonnefoy's Commonwealth.

December Edit

  •  Dec3 - Arthur Kirkland-Bonnefoy annexes Poland but quickly draws back once Francis Kirkland-Bonnefoy stepped in the way. Arthur Kirkland-Bonnefoy is also shot by an angered Switzerland, wanting his freedom from teh commonwealth, and left bleeding on the meeting floor.


Rp Relationship Drama

Side Plots

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