Dennik Kierkegaard Edit

The first Denmark, originally known under (what he considers) the brilliant pseudonym “Mark Den”. Was a member of the Nordic Alliance during the WWIII event, and received bragging rights on the subject of drinking over Prussia.

Extremely energetic and loves to be the funny man in a group, he takes pride in the title “Happiest Nation in the World”. Takes the philosophy of ‘hygge’ seriously -- simple things such as relaxing at home with a beer in hand makes him happy. While he means well, most of the time he’s not a very good listener, especially if it is not in his self-interest. This causes some things to fly over his head.

He is very fond of his childhood friend Norway, to whom he now jokingly calls “his wife.” Unconditionally and uncontrollably loves him to the point of extremely irritating the other nation. And while their relationship has been extremely unstable, he’s just as ambitious about it succeeding as much as everything else he plans for. He had even proposed several times after their initial breakup, including a trip to Spain and a night out in Vegas. However, problems have arisen (which may or may not include drunken boating or cheating) to where they have been turned down for a more ‘favorable’ time. Whenever that may be.

Participates in “Guy Love” with his super man buddy, Alfred L. Jones. Also shares joint-custody (although he plans for full custody) of Hans Island with Canada.

Note: Danmark is a cheating, unfaithful bastard. -- Love, Tobias.

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